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Quick Color Update: Bathroom Linens

If you feel like your bathroom experience has been a bit blasé, new linens may be just what you need to get a fresh start. Not only do linens play a significant role in the home bath experience (Does it get better than a fresh, plush towel?), they are also an easy way to add color, pattern, and texture to a space.

Monochromatic vs. Contrasting Color Schemes

When it comes to selecting linen color, there are a couple of ways to think it through – do you want a monochromatic color scheme or something with contrast? Monochromatic is just what it sounds like: one color. A common monochromatic look for bathrooms is white – think white walls, towels, shower curtain, etc. – but if you prefer a touch of personality, don't be afraid to incorporate shades of beige or light blue. If you prefer bright pops of color, purchase linens that contrast your walls and tiling. Shower curtains and bath mats come in an endless number of bright colors and patterns. Just be aware that, while contrasting, the colors should complement each other as well.

Color & Room Size

Bathroom colors can significantly influence how big or small your bathroom feels. If you are one of the many with a small bathroom, know you're not alone! Just consider opting for white bathroom sets or neutral shades to help reflect light and create an airy sense of openness. If you really want color in your space, try avoiding big patterns and dark colors, which tend to make tight spaces feel even smaller.

Linens are a quick way to update your bathroom, whether you are renting or looking for budget-friendly updates. Just use these simple tips to guide you and let the linen shopping begin!