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Christmas Wreaths

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More About Christmas Wreaths

  • Ideas on where to hang a wreath
  • An overview of the different wreath options
  • Tips on caring for your wreath

Decorative Christmas Wreaths Bring Seasonal Cheer

Christmas wreaths are an easy way to get your home holiday-ready. Place them on a front or back door, hang them over a fireplace mantel, or fill empty space on a wall. If you're thinking about adding Christmas wreaths to your home, here are some important things to consider.

What type of Christmas wreaths can I choose from?

Decorative Christmas wreaths come in unlit and pre-lit varieties. Both wreath types won't ever have wilting leaves or shedding needles, so you can hang them early in the season and leave them up as long as you want.

  • Pre-lit wreaths have lights strung into them that are often permenently attached. You can choose between white and multicolored lights, as well as bulb types with various LED and incandescent bulb options. LED bulbs are known for their energy efficiency and longevity, while incandescent bulbs tend to provide a warmer glow than their LED counterparts. Keep in mind, pre-lit wreaths tend to be slightly heavier than the unlit variety so be sure to hang them from supportive wreath hooks or stands.
  • Unlit wreaths offer plenty of variety in style with the addition of decorative embellishments - no lights attached. Many unlit wreaths are tradtionally designed with neatly tucked branches, while others have billowy twigs that expand outwards from the center. Like pre-lit wreaths, unlit ones also come in styles that mimic fir, spruce, and pine branches so it's easy to select a texture you like.

What color choices do I have?

While traditional green wreaths are readily available, there are many other not-so-traditional colors to choose from. Flashy gold or silver wreaths pop with a sparkle. While winter white is also a popular choice, but you can certainly go for a fire red berry wreath if you wish. Many of the wreath designs exude a quality, handmade appearance with natural-looking pine cones or berries.

Do pre-lit wreaths require the use of an extension cord?

A number of pre-lit wreaths are battery-operated, so no extension cord is necessary. This keeps a neat and tidy appearance wherever you put them which is great for creating a festive front door. The lights on your pre-lit wreath can even brighten a hallway or entryway. Dazzle a kitchen window with a tinsel wreath or place a large, 48-inch wreath over a bed in the guest room for a little extra holiday cheer.

How do I select the proper size wreath for my front door?

A wreath on the front door is a welcome sign to visitors and a traditional way to decorate outdoors for the holiday. An average front door measures 36 inches across, so a 28-inch wreath could hang nicely centered on the door about a foot below the top with space on either side. To accent with an oversized look, hang a 36-inch wreath to adorn the full width of the door. If your front door is larger, you can go for a larger wreath or if you have double front doors place a matching wreath on each door for a truly festive feel.

Do I need any accessories for my Christmas wreath?

Wreath accessories are available to make your decorating experience easier. Consider round storage bags to keep your wreath fluffy and protected while it's stored away. For display, decorative wreath hangers made of wrought iron and other metals make hanging a wreath quite easy. If you want to display wreaths throughout your home or along a driveway, consider wreath stands. Simply hang a wreath from the stand's large hook for big decorative impact.

The best part is that the artificial wreaths will last for many holiday seasons and can be a decorative accent for years to come. Store them carefully covered and simply fluff the branches when it's time to bring them out again.

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