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Table Lamps

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Your Top Questions About Table Lamps Answered

Whether you need extra illumination for reading or creating a relaxed ambiance for unwinding at the end of the day, a few well-chosen table lamps can make it easier to brighten and enjoy your home. There are many styles and features to take into account. Review the below to help you make the right choice for your lighting needs.

What are some common lamps styles I can choose?

Table lamps are typically meant to work as accent and reading lamps. You can use them for light reading, but they're intended more to provide decoration and ambient light than to help you focus in on a specific task. Because table lamps can be decorative, you can really have fun choosing a style that speaks to you. Consider one of these shapes or themes as you start choosing your lamps.

  • Buffet lamps are thin and tall, and their bases often look like candlesticks. They work well on buffets because their bases have relatively small footprints, leaving plenty of room for dishes of food and other decor. These lamps work well anywhere you want to save space while still providing light, such as on console tables or petite end tables.
  • Paired lamps come in sets of two to help you create a symmetrical look, such as flanking a large mirror over an entryway table or for placing on either side of a sofa.
  • Torchiere lamps are like small torches. Their shades are angled upward so all the light emerges from the tops of these lamps in a singular direction. Torchiere lamps can help you direct light toward a piece of art on the wall or create ambient light.
  • Tripod lamps have shades that sit atop three legs that resemble a camera tripod. They tend to have a more industrial style, but the open legs also keep tripod lamps feeling visually lighter. They work well in spaces where you want a more modern touch or want your lamp to blend in with its surroundings, such as in a decorative vignette. Because the base isn't solid, it doesn't compete for attention with other decorative accents.
  • Animal-shaped lamps may have bases shaped like animals with shades on top, or the lamps themselves may be fashioned from stained glass — the entire animal lights up! These are fun options that can add a whimsical touch to a lamp or space that otherwise feels more formal. They can also be fun choices in kids' areas.
  • Antler lamps have bases made to look like clusters of animal antlers with a shade on top. These lamps can be ideal if you want to add a more rustic or natural texture to your room. Antler lamps tend to have a more sculptural, organic feel to them, which makes them a great choice if you want something other than a more traditional lamp base shape.

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What features do table lamps have?

Your table lamp can provide more than light! Looking for these helpful features can make your table lamp even easier to use.

  • Battery operation helps you place lamps in spaces where you don't have outlets accessible. Since they don't need to plug into the wall, battery operated lamps are handy to have during power outages.
  • USB ports within the lamps' bases let you plug smartphones and tablets into your lamp, turning it into a convenient charging station. These lamps are helpful near couches and other areas where you may want to relax and browse your device.
  • Three-way lighting lets you select the level of light your lamp emits. You can turn the switch to select low, medium, or bright lighting levels. Remember that you'll need to use three-way light bulbs in these lamps. While they will work with regular bulbs, you’ll lose the option to select different light levels.
  • Touch operation makes it easy to turn a lamp on and off without twisting or flipping a switch. You simply need to tap the base on a touch lamp to switch it on, off, or to a different level of light. These lamps are especially convenient next to your bed as a simple touch will switch the light off as you drift away to sleep.

Table lamps are beautiful accents that brighten your home. They provide new opportunities to add style and color to any space, too. Consider the type and features that'll be most helpful and stylish in your home as you choose the table lamps that are right for your space.

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