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Potting Benches

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Potting Benches

Like a fantastic hybrid of some very useful furniture pieces from the sideboard to the baker's rack to the kitchen island, the potting bench is built for function. Think of it as an extra helper in the backyard. When the time comes to pot new flowers, or prune your bonsai trees, a potting bench makes the job more comfortable. Wide work surfaces are brought to your level so you can forget about having to squat in the dirt. Shelves keep pots handy, hooks hold your tools, and shelves keep potting soil in easy reach. The more features on the potting bench, the more helpful it will be in your gardening tasks.

Potting Bench Parties

But the really cool thing about the potting bench is what it can do after sunset. Wisk away the dirt, tuck away the trowels, and dress this item up with a table runner, some outdoor lanterns, and pretty serve ware and you've got an excellent drink or appetizer station for your next outdoor party. Hang a few strings of fun lights and stock it with adult beverages and you've got an instant poolside bar.

Brunch, Lunch, and More

Your potting bench can be used for daytime entertaining, too. Place it near your patio dining table and make it part of your outdoor brunch buffet. Some potting benches even have a built in "sink" that would be perfect for filling with ice to keep drinks cold for guests. It also makes an excellent food preparation spot for backyard barbecues.

How Entertaining

So what other ways are there to use a potting bench? The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Place the guest book on your potting bench at your graduation open house. Pile it high with presents at your child's birthday party. Set up a cheese spread at your next wine tasting. Pull up a stool and work on your model car in the sunshine.

And Don't Forget …

This bench is made for potting. It may look so pretty that you'll be afraid to get it dirty, but don't be. Play in the dirt. Dig, cultivate, prune, and water. Potting benches are built to handle the rigors of gardening. Once you've discovered the convenience of owning one, what used to feel like a chore will quickly turn into a hobby.