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Garden Trellises

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  • Tips to select the right style for your outdoor space
  • Details about trellis functions and material options
  • Recommendations on plants to enhance the look

Make Ground Plants Jealous with a Trellis

A trellis is a great way to accent your home or garden, and a surprisingly versatile one at that. We specialize in all sizes and styles of trellises, from small metal accent pieces to over-7-foot wooden wall designs. Here's the thing, though - when you plant a trellis, the plants get jealous. And they climb up to get more attention. As you shop for a trellis, here are some of our favorite viney plants to consider adding.


You need to plan out where you'll put your wistful wisteria, but when it blooms … wow. This vine's ample limbs will climb up your trellis and product incredible blooming lavender blooms that give off an incredibly sweet fragrance. Start growing your wisteria in a controlled container, and then place it underneath your strategically placed trellis.


Clematis is a super-versatile, super-colorful vining flower that makes a great occupant of any size garden trellis. It loves to grow upward, making it a great way to maximize beauty in minimal space. It blooms in the summer in any of dozens of colors, and will take to your trellis quite easily. Pick up your favorite colors at just about any plant nursery and get ready for maximum impact.

Climbing Roses

With the right tending, roses can take on a new dimension! These perennial favorites look and smell like regular rosebushes but grow upward on versatile vining stems. Plant them beneath your trellis and treat them more or less like regular roses…you'll be rewarded in the summer with perfectly romantic rosebuds.


There's something especially enchanting about this annual vining flower. Maybe it's that it can only be truly seen between dusk and dawn. True to its name, the moonflower shows at night as a big, white, glorious flower and retreats by morning. It won't leave your trellis looking bare, though - big, dark green leaves stay all day.

Morning Glory

Maybe you can't stay up all night waiting to see your trellis in its full beauty. Morning people love the morning glory for its easy, fast leafy coverage on trellises, walls, mailboxes, and just about anything else.

Oh yeah, this incredibly popular vine has a secret, too. Once a year--just once--the morning glory opens up with a huge colorful trumpet-shaped flower that will wither by mid-afternoon. Morning glory is a true classic, and it's well worth the wait.