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Gaming Chairs & Video Rockers

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  • Style options – from rockers to racing chairs
  • Keeping system compatibility in mind
  • Features to consider: materials, storage, and space savings

The Basics of Video Game Chairs: What to Know Before You Buy

Kids, teens, and even adults love spending hours playing video games. All that time spent sitting can lead to aches and stiffness later, so gamers need to be equipped for comfort. Video game chairs not only offer an easy solution to your ergonomic needs, but they also add plenty of style to a teen's room or a family game room. Our quick guide can help you determine which video game chair is ideal for you.

What is a gaming chair?

Gaming chairs are designed specifically for anyone who spends long hours seated in front of a TV screen or computer monitor - it's why they feature higher backrests for extra shoulder and back support. Often, these chairs' backrests are engineered to keep your spine in a natural position that won't create any annoying pressure points. Gaming chairs also tend to provide good neck support so you can fully lean back into the chair, rather than sitting directly upright, and get settled in for an enjoyable gaming session.

Removable neck and lumbar pillows are often part of the gaming chair's adjustable nature and can help keep your body relaxed during longer periods of sitting. Some chairs even have storage pouches attached below the seat so you can stash headphones, controllers, and any other accessories essential to your gaming needs.

Not all gamers are comfortable sitting in the same position which is why these chairs frequently come with adjustable settings. Most gaming chairs will allow you to adjust the height of the pedestal or even tilt the seat toward or away from your screen or desk. The more minimalistic style of gaming chair, called Video Rockers, simply rest on the floor. A lack of pedestal means rockers are less adjustable but also easier to store when not in use.

How easily can I store a video game chair?

Certain gaming chairs are collapsible so, in between gaming sessions, you can fold and store them out of the way. Other chairs, like those with arm rests and swivel bases typically don't fold. However the selection you'll find in our Computer/Desk Chairs section typically includes chairs with wheels which will allow you to quickly move them aside when video game time is over.

Why is system compatibility important?

Not every video game console is created equally, and new ones are constantly popping up with big system upgrades. For these reasons, you should make sure the gaming chair you select is compatible with the gaming system you use. Paying attention to this detail can help you avoid basic technical issues when it comes to syncing certain features like the speakers or vibration of your chair. For example, if you have an Xbox One, the gaming chair you choose should have a description stating that it is Xbox One compatible.

What other features can I find in video game chairs?

Some of the more sophisticated gaming chairs offer features beyond your basic ergonomic comfort. Built-in speakers and vibrating seats help immerse you in the gameplay experience. Headrest speakers are a common feature, and, when paired with a compatible gaming system, they sync to your gaming platform either through Bluetooth connectivity or audio cable ports. For smaller spaces, or to achieve a more minimalist feel, look to our Wireless selection to cut back on cord clutter.

If maximum sound enjoyment is a must, we suggest selecting a gaming chair with a built-in subwoofer. Typically the chair vibrations, or rumble features, are linked to the subwoofer which in turn provides that full sensory experience gamers can truly enjoy. Whether you're playing your favorite game, listening to music, or watching a movie in your gaming chair you're sure to feel the vibrations.

Aside from sound and rumble features, chairs designed specifically for racing gameplay - our Racing Chairs, offer even more immersive options. Fans of racing games can attach pedal and wheel accessories to these chairs to simulate a realistic on-road experience.

Whether you love the thrill of challenging gameplay or relish in the opportunity to sit back and immerse yourself in a new world, video gaming is a wonderful hobby. Taking the time to select the right gaming chair can eliminate any fear of discomfort during those longer sessions and will allow you to keep a laser focus on the action in front of you. When you consider the features you're looking for and the look you love, you're sure to find a video game chair that's just right for you.

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