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Wall Art

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Decorating Your Home with Wall Art

Make your walls come alive with wall art, from prints, posters, wall panels, wall signs, and hand-painted pieces by artists. To make decorating easier, wall art comes in all shapes, sizes, styles, sets and configurations. Find helpful tips below about decorating with wall art.

What types of wall art can I choose?

  • Metal wall art has various finishes and comes in everything from steel to copper to wrought iron. It typically has a more sculptural effect because its shapes and textures may stick out somewhat from your wall. Metal painted with cured ink typically won't fade indoors, and some pieces can even be used outdoors. In addition, metal wall art is easy to maintain. Dust it off and restore its shine with a clean cloth.
  • Canvas wall art is made of an image that's printed on canvas fabric using high-quality inks. Most canvas wall art is for indoor use only. It's typically gallery wrapped, meaning the piece of fabric is stretched onto and around a frame, which the fabric is secured onto. Canvases often have durable hand-embellished gel coat finishes for durability.
  • Framed artwork comes ready to hang with its own frame and protective glass. This makes it easy to choose artwork that has a more finished look to it. Framed art may be hand-painted or printed on paper, which is why the protective glass is essential.
  • Oversized wall art can help create an instant focal point in a room. These pieces are typically several feet wide and long, so their size alone helps them make a big decorative statement. They can work well over large fireplaces or above buffets or low shelves in a dining room.

What are wall art sets?

Wall art in metal and canvas comes in sets to make arranging the pieces easy. One common set is a triptych, which is a set of three pieces that either coordinate or have one painting or piece of art divided into three separate canvases. These are meant to hang near each other, and separating the art into three sections serves to create more visual interest. Another great feature of wall art sets is that, with coordinating canvases, you can divide the set up and place each piece around a room. This helps you create a more cohesive look in the space by adding similar patterns and colors at various points in the room. You can also try using wall art sets in the following ways:

  • Place a wall art set behind your bed in lieu of a headboard.
  • Hang a set of three, four, or five paintings along the bare walls of a hallway.
  • Hang the pieces in the set at different levels on the wall of a stairway to echo the pattern of the steps.

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How should I arrange wall art?

  • If you're hanging artwork above a piece of furniture, it looks best if it isn't longer than the furniture. About 75% of the furniture piece's length is a good proportion.
  • Hang a single large piece at eye level, or, a couple of inches above a sofa.
  • Hang large pieces 2 to 3 in. apart.
  • Hang smaller pieces 1 and 1/2 to 2 and 1/2 in. apart.

There's always a piece of perfect wall art to reflect your personality. Enjoy the process of browsing for a piece that catches your eye and adds extra color and texture in your home.

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